Industrial Hemp can Save the World!

27 Oct

Trying to save the environment without using hemp is like climbing a cliff using finger and toe holds when there is an elevator right beside you. Please get involved and promote the legalization, research, and use of industrial hemp.

Industrial Hemp is a hardy, nitrogen-fixing and carbon-sequestering annual that can grow in most climates with few if any pesticides and fertilizers. It is a renewable, environmentally friendly, inexpensive source of:

  1. Oil and bio-fuel (reducing dependence on fossil fuels)

2. Food – its seeds are high in protein & have the best Omega 3:6 ration found in nature (supplementing or replacing animal protein will reduce methane emissions)

3. Fiber (it was called ‘homespun’ before marijuana prohibition)

4. Building materials (hempcrete lasts 700 years and gets stronger as it ages)

5. Paper (4x production of cellulose per acre as trees – would prevent deforestation, the leading cause of global warming)

6. A graphene substitute for super-capacitors

7. Weed suppressing cover crop and animal fodder

…just to name a few of its hundreds, or thousands, of uses.

Hemp farming sequesters from the atmosphere on average 2500 pounds of CO2 per acre. Hemp is low in THC and is not psychoactive. And hemp was a building block of modern civilization; providing food, medicine, rope, clothing and paper since pre-history until the 1930s – 1940s when corporate greed and propaganda resulted in its prohibition.

With the 2016 Farm Bill, the US Congress finally removed hemp from being lumped in with marijuana as a prohibited substance! Many US states still outlaw it. However, common sense seems to be winning on this one.  Check and for facts and actions, and to see where your state stands on this issue.

Why were industrial hemp and marijuana the target of prohibition?  The sordid history of marijuana prohibition and a compilation of cannabis’s contributions to human civilization are documented in The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer.  Worth reading!